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Spinach Banana Protein Smoothie

Spinach Banana Protein Shake

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is why you must ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need to jumpstart your busy day. With this in mind, this spinach banana protein shake is the perfect drink to start off your day!

Spinach Banana Protein Shake

Spinach Banana Protein Shake

Spinach Banana Protein Shake Ingredients:

–  half cup of vanilla protein powder

–  a handful of spinach

–  a tablespoonful of almond butter

–  three-fourth cup milk

–  two-third cup of greek yogurt

–  a half of a banana


Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Puree until you have achieved your desired consistency. If you don’t like greek yogurt, you can replace it with a regular yogurt or a low-fat yogurt if you are on a diet. If you do not like to drink a creamy smoothie, you can replace milk with water. Add sugar in your Spinach Banana Protein Shake if you wish.


This is a simple yet healthy spinach banana protein shake is jam-packed with all the proteins you need to get your day or workout started. What most people love about this banana spinach protein shake is its amazing taste as well as its nutritional content. The best thing about this smoothie is you can play around with its recipe. If you wish to taste more banana, then change the proportions. The concern of most people is the taste of the raw spinach. To tell you the truth, you wouldn’t even notice that it is there. The only evidence that there is a spinach in this recipe is the shake’s beautiful green color which we must admit, makes this smoothie a lot more delectable, not only to our tongue but to our eyes as well!


This spinach banana protein shake is very nutritious and can provide us the protein content that we need to go through our day. We all know how nutritious a banana is and I think we are all aware about all the vitamins and nutrients that a spinach contains. What happens when these two are combined? A nutritional bomb! Because of this, this drink makes a perfect drink for athletes, runners, gym goers and people with high physical activity!

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